about me

I've been taking portraits professionally since 2010.  That's 11 years full of capturing beautiful moments, collaborating with clients, and helping to make memories that will last a lifetime. Now look, I know every photographer is going to claim they make every session personalized and tailor it to their clients.  But can they do all of that and still make you feel truly comfortable?  Do they make you genuinely laugh before, during, and after your shoot? Because I provide all of the above.  I guarantee you will leave our session walking on air, smiling all the while.  And then when you get your gallery from me...? Forget it, it’s over, heaven here we come.

As you're reading this, I'm either drinking a glass of bubbly water, or watching an episode of Veep, or both. I grew up in the suburbs of Minneapolis. ( So yes I will always choose Caribou over Starbucks. Fight me. Just kidding please don't let's be friends! ) Whenever not behind the camera, I can usually be found eating cookies or singing bad harmonies with friends—like we're talking minor thirds.

Besides photography, I have an acting career as well. So you can find me onstage and on the screen, hopefully making you laugh. Currently, I live in New York City with my fiancé, and we are stupid-happy. 

so why jklphoto?